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Ancient Persian Steatite Vessel

Published on March 3, 2016 by in STONE

Ancient 1000year old Persian Grey Green Steatite Vessel,hand carved from the solid with some iron staining. Looks like it might have had a lid,now missing. P1120878aFound in Iran when workers were laying gas pipes. The use of cooking pots made of steatite was common in the Umayyad period. Such pots without decoration and with broad handles were uncovered in a number of Umayyad sites: Umm al-Walid, Fahl, Amman, Siyagha and Ayla (Aqaba) in Jordan, El-Ezariyyah (Bethany) in Palestine. Pots, incense-burners, lamps made of stone, mostly steatite, were found in Susa and Nishapur (Iran).

Size 12cm Tall

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Stock number IA55819

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